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Accelerated Radio Studios

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G Vibez

Mondays 6pm - 7pm PST

Host: Genine Alexander

Natural & Spiritually Speaking

Mondays 7pm-8pm PST 

Host: Double G

The Tony Montana Show

Mondays 8p-10pm PST

Hosts: Tony Montana & Kemo The Blaxican

Str8 Out Da Trunk

Mondays 10pm-11pm PST 

Host: Bankhead

The Way Out Reloaded

Tuesdays 11am-12pm PST (ARP Gospel)

Host: Bishop RD Sanders

Taboo Talk

Tuesdays 6pm-7pm PST 

Host: Tiffany Ramm

Bridging Da Gap

Tuesdays 7pm-8pm PST 

Host: Revy Reg & B. Eazy

Plopp Life

Tuesdays 8pm-10pm PST

Host: Deshon Gray and Sacha Granger

Epiphany w/ Miyume

Tuesdays 8pm-9pm PST on

Host: Miyume

AM Caffeine Show

Wednesdays & Fridays 11am-12pm PST

Hosts: Doc, Porsha Coleman, Smoov Dee

Good News Radio Magazine

Good News Radio Magazine is a weekly radio broadcast on Wednesdays 1pm - 2 pm 

Hosts: Charles McWells & Melanie Rodriquez

Green Believers

Green Believers "Everything You Need to Know about Cannabis" Wednesdays 2pm - 3pm 

Hosts: Cheryl Branch & Steve Whitey Robertson

Keisha Cali Kickback

Wednesdays 6pm-8pm PST

Host: Keisha Cali

The LLJ Radio Show

Wednesdays 8pm-10pm PST

Host: LuLu

The TakeOver

Wednesdays 10pm-12am

Hosts: AccelRadio Interns

You Are The Money

Thursdays 11am-12pm PST

Host: Wes Hall

Commissioned Steps Gospel Radio

Thursdays 6pm-7pm PST

Hosts: Pastor Michael & Lady Deborah Blanchette

Keepin' it Real w/ MiMi

Thursdays 7p-8p PST 

Host: MiMi


Thursdays 8pm-9pm PST

Host: Dwann B

Availabe Slot Thursdays 9PM

Thursdays 9pm-12am PST

Call 310-910-9676

Late Night Marauders

Thursdays 10pm-11pm PST 


AM Caffeine Radio Show

Wednesdays & Fridays 11am-12pm PST

Hosts: Doc, Porsha Coleman, Smoov Dee

Instruments of Prayze

Fridays 6pm-7pm PST

Host: Dewitt Brown

The Opinionator Show

Fridays 7pm-8pm PST

Host: Yolanda Davidson

World-Wide Underground

Fridays 8pm-9pm PST

Host: King Ed

Available Slot Fridays at 9pm

Fridays 9pm-12am PST

Call 310-910-9676 ext 5

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Saturday & Sunday

About Enoughness w/ Pat Parker 10am-11pm

Every Saturday 10am-11am PST 

Host: Pat Parker

The Roberry Show

Every Saturday 11am-12pm PST 

Host: Rochelle Robinson

I.A.M. Spotlight

Saturdays 12pm-2pm PST

Host: Glenn & Crystal Glass

2 Cool, 2 Funny Radio

Saturdays 2pm-3pm PST

Hosts: DJ Mario & L Cody

Available Slot Saturdays 3pm-4p

Saturdays 3pm-4pm PST 

Call for Details 310-910-9676 ext5

Classic Jamz

Saturdays 4pm-6pm PST

Host: James "The Music Man"

Poetry of Justice

Saturdays 6pm-8pm PST (Yikes Radio)

Host: Jackie Ray Phillips

I Am Encouraged Radio

Sundays 11am-12pm PST

Host: Pastor James

L.A. Gospel Radio Show

Sundays 12pm-1pm PST

Host: Elder John Bernard, Jr

Island Vibez

Sundays 2pm-3pm PST

Host: Chinyere

The Gospel Hours

Sundays 3pm-6pm PST

Hosts: Johnny & Sheryl

What Does The Bible Say

Sundays 6pm-7pm PST

Hosts: Pastor Derric & Pastor Charlton

Touch The World

Sundays 7pm-8pm PST

Host: Eva J

F.I.R.E. Empowerment

Sundays 8pm-9pm PST

Host: Tracey York

Living on Assignment

Sundays 9pm-10pm PST

Host: Rev JuJu

Tha Out House

Sundays 10pm-12am PST

Host: DeWayne Geter

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